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Phoebe and Kevin | Carly Moon Images | Bury St. Edmunds

May 12th was a beautiful day for Phoebe and Kevin. Getting to spend time with them a little before the wedding and on the day it was just so easy to see that they're meant for each other. They fit each other like two pieces of a puzzle, and just GET each other. It's easy to fall for these two when you see all they've got when they're together and everyone they have surrounding them. I enjoyed every single person that I had the pleasure of meeting during the day!

It was a day full of laughter and joy, vintage jeeps, an incredible dinner, a hog roast, and some EPIC dance moves! My favorite part? Kevin and Phoebe were calm and excited the entire day. No stress, no drama, and so incredibly in love.

Videography by: Dreamcapture Wedding Videos

Makeup by: Charlotte Victoria

Photography by: ME! Carly Moon Images