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Ciel's Birth Story: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

I'm not a mom yet (unless you count being a mom to my fur-pup, Koda), but it's unreal how much I've learned about raising children, childbirth, breastfeeding, comforting babies, and all things parenting and childhood. I knew very little about births before starting birth photography, and I've now had the opportunity to shoot all kinds of births, from natural to induced, c-section to vaginal, home birth to hospital birth. There are so many different options and methods, and at the end of the day I'm all for letting each family decide what's best for them. I just want to see healthy babies and mommas! This was a cool birth though. Shelby was a true champion while laboring with her baby girl, and Brandon was an amazing father/husband/birth coach. He helped to comfort and relax her in their giant birthing tub at Rosie Hospital in Cambridge.

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