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Emerald Coast, Florida | Carly Moon Images: Destination Photographer and Videographer

Guys, I can barely contain my excitement over the new addition to my little business! For the last two years I've been slowly (ohhhh, so slowly) teaching myself video to incorporate in to my business to add an entirely new element to what I can do and provide. Last year I introduced a GoPro into my lineup. I liked it enough, but it felt time-consuming to me for angles I was already getting with my camera. It's a nifty little guy, but just another piece of equipment gear to carry when my Nikons could already do the same job (as long as I wasn't going underwater).

I've had my eye on drones for awhile, but the thought learning to fly (or crash and burn, which is the image I had in my head) was daunting. And even with the taste of video editing that I've had, it was enough to see how bitter the sorting, clipping, blending, and music-hunting editing process is. I'll get faster, but the two and a half minute video below took me just over three hours from start to finish. It took me more 15 minutes to find the perfect song!

Because of how busy you guys keep me with portrait sessions and weddings--which I am eternally grateful for--video and new ideas went straight to the back burner.

No more! I have big plans for this little guy. We'll be flying around Kansas in a few days, England on my return, Morocco in June, and Maryland/West Virginia and Ireland in September! While I go stalk Ryanair's site for cheap flights, check out my very first drone video! Be gentle, this was only my first time REALLY flying it (aside from the 5-minute test we did a couple of days ago) and my first time editing in pro software.

Music: Foreign Figures - Fire

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