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Destination Sessions with Carly Moon Images

It's no secret that one of the major draws of being stationed overseas is the traveling. I encourage everyone to travel as much as they can, and if you have a session with me we'll more than likely spend half of it talking about the mileage on passports. Over the past few years, I've made it my goal to travel to destination sessions as often as I can. From senior sessions in Germany and France, proposals in Paris, maternity sessions in Sweden, weddings in Copenhagen, Ireland, and Poland, countless sessions in London and on the beaches around England, and an on-assignment trip in Switzerland, I feel like I've gotten the hang of the process finally. So this year is the year (okay, another year) of travel for us! We've already got tripped booked for Prague, Jordan, Israel, and Venice--and that's only the first two months of the year! We've got wedding portraits in Austria as well as a few other locations in our sights as well.

If you want one of the most unique opportunities for a session, talk to me! Everywhere I go, I unintentionally scout. I visualize where I could put clients and shots I want to take. Shooting under the northern lights in Scandinavian countries, waterfalls in Iceland, portraits at the foot of the Alps, rooftops in Santorini, caves in Portugal--I want it all!

Why should you consider a destination session? As I've mentioned, the unique opportunities we have here make it crazy to pass up. But secondly, it's fun! We spend a few hours of the day wandering around, shooting in our favorite spots. If we're more of a remote location, we'll drive and hit a few spots (ask me about Ireland!). Sometimes, we even get crazy with a mini night session for some of my signature night shots. Who are these sessions perfect for? The obvious answer is anyone, but the best answer is anyone that's cool with going along with the flow, families that want to do their trip more justice than with just iPhone selfies, those of you tired of handing off your camera to strangers for the inevitably blurry photos, or those couples that never got the wedding photos they've dreamed of. Which, let's face it, is a solid bunch of us living this crazy, military life.

Traveling to another country PLUS the session? Sounds expensive! Nope, not really. My prices are affordable and fair because I care more about the experiences than the pay day. My prices include fair travel prices, but when you can buy plane tickets for less than a meal out on the town (especially in this country) it's a worthwhile investment for priceless shots. Every session is custom to your vision and needs.

If you still want something unique but don't want to leave England, we can do a more local destination session! London, Cambridge, and other areas of England are all gorgeous, perfect options.

You're coming with me! Here's what to expect:

Every plan will be custom designed to meet your needs and our combined vision. The day of our shoot, I'll meet you guys there! Don't worry, you're not stuck sharing a hotel room with me or anything! I try to get into the area at least a day early so I can scout locations if I've never been there before. If we're shooting in a bustling city, we'll more than likely be one of the first ones running around the city to beat the foot traffic and the best light. The location we choose and proximity of everything will play a part in how much of our day will be dedicated to shooting. Destination sessions usually last a few hours, but that's because we'll wander around, admiring the city and may even stop for coffee or lunch. For the bigger locations like Iceland and Ireland, we'll prioritize our locations around the best time of day, and may break our trip into a few smaller sessions (think night shots and day shots) and give ourselves plenty of time to drive between the two. These sessions are totally up to what you want to capture. Want me to follow you guys around for candid shots that at least one parent rarely gets to be in? I'm there! Want the more dramatic, iconic shots that you'll mostly see featured in this post? That's my thing! Either way, we'll come up with the best game plan for an efficient, fun session and probably grab drinks afterwards. Think of it as a hang session with your buddy that always totes around the massive camera bag.

So what are you waiting for? Put the selfie sticks down and let's talk about your dream session! Not sure where to go? Ask me where I'm headed this year and meet me there!

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