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A Weekend in Prague

Here I go again, breaking records on how quickly I've written a post after a trip... Or even just writing one at all. But I had to! Over the holiday weekend, we took off to Prague. The city grabbed our attention after so many friends had mentioned how much they loved their visits.

If you don't like to plan your trips like me, Prague is the perfect city. If you love to plan out every detail, it's still a great place! Although I've been getting better about planning at least a few details on my trips, we threw caution to the (very strong, cold) Czech wind and did what we do best--wander! Walk in any direction, down any street, and you'll find incredible food and beer, and tucked into the beautifully architected buildings, interesting sculptures and the nicest locals.

Our goal for this trip was to relax and have a good time. I usually go for an Airbnb to save costs and really feel immersed in the culture, but stumbled onto a spa package that Corinthia Hotel was offering and decided to splurge since our flights were mostly covered by vouchers (Ryanair had cancelled our flight to Belfast but offered us vouchers as an apology.. Winning!) Two nights in this 5-star luxury spot with the most epic breakfast buffet I've ever seen, and two 30-minute spa treatments for each night we stayed was about 8450CZK, which converted to $400. The quality of hotel and amenities, plus the incredible staff made this hotel memorable. Still seems too high? The low cost of the rest of the trip will more than balance out your spending.

Speaking of affordable food that is quite possibly some of the best you'll find ANYWHERE, here were our food spots over the weekend!

Potrefená husa Albertov - Our happiest accident! Our UBER driver dropped us off nearby and we walked until we found this spot. Anywhere I can get a giant glass of wine for $5 while I'm dining out I'm a happy girl! I opted for a local dry white from Czech's Moravian and it was phenomenal. Dave had Staropramen Premium and Dark (we both preferred the dark). I'm almost embarrassed to get as excited as I did about the soup on this trip, but I still can't stop thinking about it. I had the strong beef soup, which is very similar to beef ramen (only 10x better) while Dave had the traditional kulajda soup. For mains, Dave had the beef goulash and I had the chicken schnitzel. Hands down, our favorite meal complete and it was only $29!

Mlejnice was our lunch spot the next day, near the astronomical clock and recommended by a friend. It had a great rustic interior. Dave tried the deer goulash this time, and I had the beef goulash in a bread bowl. It was awesome and a great spot to warm up! Again, the soups were on point and it was another cheap meal!