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Will and Krista | Carly Moon Images | Bury St. Edmunds

St. Patrick's Day, 2018. It's another cold, oddly off-and-on snowy day in Suffolk, but I was fortunate enough to spend some time capturing Krista and Will's marriage to each other. Let me tell you; as much as the weather sucked, they really heated things up!

Let me tell you.. It was COLD and windy. But these two were so focused on each other and happy to be starting their new lives together that the day didn't seem so dark anymore. K and W are relationship goals. You can just look at them and see how lucky they are to have found each other. They are enamored with each other and their chemistry is organic. They shared a warmth in each others' arms. Thanks to Facebook, guests near and far (far, far, farrrr) were able to enjoy this awesome American-British fusion!

The way they look at each other showed pure happiness at the thought of being able to start the rest of their lives together.

And Annie even got to come celebrate her parents' big day!

We did some quick shots in the warm cathedral in Bury St. Edmunds before braving the insane wind speeds and snow out in the courtyard and garden areas. I can't wait to get these two outside for the second part of their wedding shoot when the weather is a little more favorable and a true expression of their new life together!

Thank you so much for letting Dave and I be a part of your day, you guys! We wish you the best life possible with lots of adventures and labrador kisses!

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