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She Said Yes in Tuscany: An Italian Marriage Proposal {Carly Moon Images}

Last weekend Dave and I had the absolute privilege of being a part in one epic love story--in Italy! You all know I love shooting the big moments. I crave them. I hide behind my camera snapping extra photos in an attempt to hide my happy tears. Weddings, births, military homecomings, proposals--all of it! This is an experience that won't be forgotten by anyone involved. Are you guys ready for the overload of photos? Chad pulled out all of the stops for this ultra-romantic proposal on their Italian vacation. He chose a quiet Sunday afternoon to book the whole of Castello della Paneretta, a gorgeous castle in the rolling Tuscan hills perfectly situated between Florence and Siena. We worked in conjunction with the castle and Chad and Katie's travel agent Meghann to form a soft plan that still allowed for flexibility and spontaneity of the day.

Dave and I arrived about an hour and a half early to talk to the staff, check out the venue, and finalize our cover story. I've shot a fair number of proposals before, but I still get butterflies of anticipation! Seeing Chad and Katie walk in looking all kinds of gorgeous caused them to flutter uncontrollably! Guys. I was NERVOUS! The forecast called for rain all day, but in true fairy tale fashion the weather held out for this perfect moment. Dave and I chased lizards trying to look inconspicuous (without wine, which felt SO suspicious for being at a winery) while the two were shown on a private tour and wine tasting. I was patiently waiting to find a way to work in my travel blogger cover story when Katie walked up next to me on the balcony. Being the sweetheart she is, she actually apologized to us thinking they had interrupted our visit! We started chatting (while Chad was hopping the massive fence to retrieve the ring) and I finally got to drop my story about being travel bloggers working on an article for the castle. At the same time, my animal-loving husband was unknowingly giving me the perfect cover story by taking photos of lizards off in the distance somewhere. I used the VERY believable, "Well, we were supposed to be taking photos of ourselves for the article, but Dave would rather chase lizards... Random question: You guys are pretty people! Would you mind posing for a few shots for me?"

Chad played along, and Katie agreed too! These two did all the real work though, giving me some truly in-love photos just before Chad dropped onto one knee, completely to Katie's surprise. OF COURSE she said yes!

Afterwards, Chad finally got to dish about how EVERYONE was in on it, and it had been in the works for months. It was so much fun watching her put pieces together and watching the unending joy on her face. It goes without being said that these two are a special couple. The amount of thought and effort that Chad and his family and friends put into this was one-of-a-kind. It was truly a fairy tale. We wandered around before the rain hit because who DOESN'T want engagement photos and all of the memories of this incredible day? That fresh proposal glow? My favorite!

Special thanks to Meghann with Take Time To Travel for helping with communications and planning as well! If you're in Georgia or down around her area you should look her up and see what epic adventures she can plan for you! Also, huge thanks to the castle for the hospitality and help! And BIG, HUGE thanks to Aria, the young black lab pup that kept us company, kept us laughing with her thieving shenanigans, and puppy cuddles when we were missing our own labrador baby! Outtakes!

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