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Chloe and Matt: Swynford Manor, Newmarket, Suffolk | England | Carly Moon Images

This September wedding was an absolute dream. I mean, yeah, the weather and venue was a photographer's dream, but what really made this wedding stand front and center in my memory was Chloe and Matt. This is the happiest day of most folks' lives, but these guys radiated a sense of happiness and joy that I've never seen before. It was enviable and heart-melting all at the same time. It was an emotional day filled with happy tears and memories to hold on to forever, and I'm grateful I was there!

Chloe made an undoubtedly stunning bride and I walked in feeling as though we were longtime friends!

The weather was spectacular for an English September afternoon! There was never any doubt that we would be able to hold the ceremony outside and that Chloe would get to do the long walk from the house, arm in arm with her father, down the aisle to her groom!

I'm so excited to see these two begin their lives together. I can only hope for as much happy and success for the two of them!