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Chyanna and Randall: The Swan, Lavenham, UK | Carly Moon Images

Ahhhh 'tis the season to catch up on some blogging! I had the honor of photographing Chyanna and Randall's perfect fall wedding at the height of my busy season, and I have to say that it was a perfect day amidst the chaos of the typical fall season for photographers. They tied the knot in the only ceremony that's ever made me tear up six times in one day at the historic Swan Hotel at Lavenham, Suffolk, England. The venue is stunning and possibly the oldest venue I've shot in England, which lent itself perfectly to black and white images throughout the day.

These two were surrounded with local friends as well as friends and family from the states, all there to share in their love and happiness throughout the low-key, intimate ceremony. The entire day was so laid-back and calm, and I was thankful to be a part of it and embraced as family.

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